UHMW Drag Flights, Drag Conveyor Flights, Custom Drag Flights


  • Maxi-Lift manufactures and stocks replacement UHMW drag conveyor flights to fit popular conveyor designs
  • Available in Reprocessed Black & Virgin White UHMW materials
  • Custom flights available upon request
UHMW Drag Flights, Drag Conveyor Flights, Custom Drag Flights



Common Sizes and Styles In Stock for Immediate Delivery


Screw Conveyor Superflo Drag Flights

Essmueller Company Peerless Drag Flights

Thomas Conveyor Fli-Con Drag Flights

Ehrsam Dracon Drag Flights

En Masse Drag Flights

Jeffery Multi-Flo Drag Flights

Drag Conveyor Flights

Size, Inches
(Length & Thickness)
Screw Conveyor SuperfloEssmueller Company PeerlessThomas Conveyor Fli-ConJeffrey Multi-FlowEhrsam DraconEn Masse
6 x 1/4X--X-X
6 x 3/8X-X-XX
9 x 1/4X--X-X
9 x 3/8XX-XXX
9 x 1/2XXX--X
10 x 3/8-----X
10 x 1/2-----X
12 x 3/8XX-XXX
12 x 1/2XXX--X
14 x 3/8XX-XXX
14 x 1/2XX---X
16 x 3/8XX-X-X
16 x 1/2XXX--X
18 x 3/8X--X-X
18 x 1/2XX---X
20 x 1/2-X-X-X
20 x 5/8--X--X
24 x 1/2-X-X-X
24 x 5/8--X--X

* Photos of drag conveyor flights are representations of flights. Actual flights may vary in size and shape.

Material: Virgin Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene is white. Reprocessed UHMW polyethylene is black. Static reduced UHMW is black. UHMW has a thickness tolerance of +/- 10%.

Style: Drag conveyor flights are fabricated to original manufacturer’s design. Cut edges are square unless otherwise noted.

Custom Flights: Non-standard flights can be custom fabricated to your specifications. Please send print or sample for fabrication of flight.

Temperature: -22° F to +180° F or -51° C to +82° C

Ordering: Before ordering, please note manufacturer design, number of flights, size and thickness. If a custom drag conveyor flight is required, please have sample or drawing available.

For a custom quote: Complete and fax our downloadable form to 972-735-8896

Round Bottom Flights

Round bottom flights are standardized according to conveyor manufacturer. Most common sizes and styles are stocked for immediate shipment. Custom round bottom flights can be made and shipped quickly.


En Masse Flights

The en masse flight is the most customized flight design. It can vary in height, length and thickness. There are few standardized en masse sizes.


Natural UHMW – White in color. This UHMW sheet meets FDA/USDA and 3-A dairy guidelines. It is an excellent high wear material.

Reprocessed or Recycled UHMW – Black in color. This sheet is a blend of virgin and regenerated UHMW polymers that maintain an acceptable combination of properties for less demanding applications. This sheet is not FDA approved.

AntiStatic UHMW – Black in color. This UHMW sheet protects parts sensitive to build up of static electricity. It permits partial transmission of electrical charge, thus dissipating static build-up. It provides a slick surface.

Dry-Slide UHMW – Black in color. This UHMW sheet is modified with special dry additives for enhanced coefficient of friction and antistatic properties. This is an effective sheet in dusty environments where components need lubrication without build-up.

Oil Filled UHMW – Brown in color. This UHMW sheet meets FDA/USDA guidelines for food and pharmaceutical handling. It has an oil additive to lubricate mating surfaces. This Oil Filled UHMW is used in closed loop continuous chain applications. It is not recommended for dusty applications.

Prime UHMW Polyethylene Sheeting (Per Sheet) 48" X 120"

Gauge, InchesWeight, Lbs./SheetTolerance
1/16"13+/- 10%
1/8"25+/- 10%
3/16"38+/- 10%
1/4"50+/- 10%
3/8"75+/- 10%
1/2"100+/- 10%
5/8"125+/- 10%
3/4"150+/- 10%
1"200+/- 10%
1 1/4"250+/- 10%
1 1/2"300+/- 10%
1 3/4"350+/- 10%
2"400+/- 10%
2 1/2"500+/- 10%
3"600+/- 10%
3 1/2"700+/- 10%
4"800+/- 10%

Temperature Range: Continuous -22° F to +180° F





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