elevator bucket splice bundles

Bundle & Save... on Complete Elevator Rebuild Kits!

  • Buckets, Belting Splices & Bolts… All in One Order!

  • Savings & Convenience: Less Paperwork, Phone Calls & Worry…

  • Lower Cost, Faster Shipments & Less Risk

  • Bucket & Belt Holes Match Every Time!

  • One Order, One Shipment, One Invoice!

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Step 1: Select Your Bucket

Select your Bucket Style, Material, Size, Profile (Standard / Low), Punching and Quantity
(For more information on buckets, click the buckets below.)

Step 2: Select Your Belting

Select your Belt Type (Rubber / PVC), Width, Length, Punching / Buckets Per Row
(For more information on belting, click here.)

Step 3: Select Your Elevator Bolts & Hardware

Select Bolts, Washers and Nuts (Type, Size and Quantity)
(For more information on hardware, click here.)

Step 4: Select Your Splices

Select Splice Type and Quantity
(For more information on selecting the correct splices, click here.)

Step 5: Select Other Items

MAXI-LIFT offers a full range of elevator components, including Lagging, Pulleys, Urethane Sheet and more.
(For information on other products, call 800-527-0657 today!)

Step 6: Contact Maxi-Lift For a Quote

Call us at 800-527-0657.  We will prepare your quote and answer your questions.

wrapped elevator bucket pallets


SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time only, MAXI-LIFT is offering 3% OFF on new bundle orders. Click or call for details!

3% Off Special!

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