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Reducing total cost of ownership
Maxi-Lift, Inc.
Many customers believe, to save money, buy cheap. Maxi-Lift is typically not the cheapest, and we don’t want to be. We want to reduce Total Cost Of Ownership. We do this by selling quality, durable parts that give the longest life and best value.

Consider price versus cost. Price is what you pay. Costs can include a number of factors:
  • Price
  • Freight
  • Labor
  • Downtime
  • Inefficiencies
Example: When evaluating a “bargain” bucket versus a higher quality “value” bucket, we will include these costs.

Bargain Bucket

16x8 CC style poly (500 ea)
Value Bucket

16X8 HD-MAX poly (500 ea)
Price $8.00 ea$4000.00 Price $8.80 Ea$4400.00
Freight$450.00 Freight$450.00
Labor (3 men@8hr ea, $35.00 hour)$840.00 Labor (3 men@8hr ea, $35.00 hour)$840.00
Total Cost$5290.00 Total Cost$5690.00

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USDA crop progress report: U.S. corn planting at 9 percent
Farm Futures
Corn planting advanced to 9 percent as of April 19, a little less than what many in the trade had expected, but progress in the top states of Iowa and Illinois advanced, with Iowa on par with the five-year average, the USDA crop progress and condition report said Monday. The winter wheat USDA crop condition rating was unchanged at 42 percent good/excellent, while the Kansas rating dropped to 26 percent good to excellent from 28 percent a week earlier.
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How cheaper crude oil impacts U.S. farm profits
Al Kluis writes, "At every seminar and webinar I did this winter, I was asked the same question: What will the price of crude do to profits? This is a difficult question to answer. I can envision several different scenarios unfolding. However, the simple answer is in two parts:

• Short-term: Lower energy prices are bearish for grain prices, especially ethanol and corn prices.
• Long-term: It is a very positive economic factor for U.S. and global consumers.
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Grain bin rescue training helps keep farmers safe
If you don't work on a farm, a bin full of grain may not look dangerous. But farm workers who go inside grain bins can quickly find themselves literally in over their heads. The results can be deadly: Over the last 50 years, hundreds in the U.S. have died from entrapment in grain, including more than two dozen in 2010, the most lethal year on record for gain bin accidents.
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After 20 years of service Kathy Ansell and MaryAnn Heath have retired from Maxi-Lift. Their hard work and dedication throughout the years is greatly appreciated and they will be missed immensely!

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