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Maxi-Lift, Inc.: What's New, What's Hot and Their Biggest Challenge
Maxi-Lift, Inc.
In July, Grain Journal spoke with Maxi-Lift, Inc. President Paul Phillips regarding the vital role people play in the success of Maxi-Lift and how focusing on customer needs has prepared the company for the future. Over the past few years, Maxi-Lift has expanded its products offered to the grain and feed industry significantly. We are providing so many additional services now that we have expanded our team. We provide technical training, onsite engineering reviews, online capacity upgrade calculations, and support over the phone to people who need technical and engineering help for their projects.
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California drought spurs technology on the farm
Wall Street Journal
Farmers in the California’s $45 billion agricultural economy are increasingly thirsty for ways to save water, prompting a burst in demand for new tools and processes. Farmers in the arid West long have sought to lower their costs, including for water. But it often has taken a back seat to pressing concerns about labor, energy and other expenses. Now a drought that has stretched for four years is heightening attention to water efficiency by California growers of crops, whether almonds, olives or peaches — and opening a new market opportunity for those peddling novel solutions and others whose products received little notice until now.
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4 land trends worth watching
This is an interesting time to talk agricultural real estate because we're starting to see the ripple effects of lower commodity prices. Here are four trends worth noticing based on conversations with those in the real estate sector.

Ag land values are decreasing

It shouldn't be a surprise that, on the whole, ag land values are trending lower. Whether it's in Indiana, South Dakota, or Kansas, prices paid for land in general is less now than a year ago.
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Technology, growth spur ag jobs far from the field
Technology has transformed farming, one of the Midwest’s biggest industries, and while fewer people are now needed to actually work the farm field, new types of jobs keep many office workers tied to agriculture. Beyond operating a tractor and a combine, today’s farmers need to manage all kinds of information. From information technology to web development, the skills that have changed our economy have transformed the agriculture industry as well.
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