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Bucket Stax: How does Maxi-Lift Inc stack up against the competition?
Maxi-Lift Inc.
During the GEAPS Exchange Expo held in St Louis, Missouri in February, Maxi-Lift was comfortably stacking on the competitive pressure. Having started trading in 1973, over 40 years ago, the business has continued to grow both domestically and globally with operations in over 70 countries and a client list that continues to grow year-on-year. With more than 300,000 square feet of production, manufacturing, and warehouse space, Maxi-Lift is the largest elevator bucket manufacturer in North America. With such a global network of clients, the logistics involved has developed over the years to the point where the company has distributors throughout the world offering the full catalogue of Maxi-Lift Inc products, which are available to fulfil the diverse needs of their customers.
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GEAPS Exchange 2015 Attracts 3,215 Attendees
GEAPS hosted Exchange 2015, its 86th International Technical Conference and Exposition Feb. 21-24 in St. Louis, Missouri. In all, 3,215 attendees from 31 countries attended the show, the second highest total in the history of the conference.

Exchange 2015 Key Stats
  • 3,215 attendees from 31 countries
  • 354 exhibitors in nearly 200,000 square feet in the Expo
  • 35 hours of educational programming (education sessions, Idea Exchange and Expo Pods) presented by approximately 55 speakers
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Review safety tips for working around bins and silos
Feed & Grain
arming consistently ranks as one of the most hazardous job occupations and according to the Ohio State University Extension Farm Safety and Health program, on average, 26 Ohio farm workers lose their lives to production agriculture each year. Grain bins present one of those farm hazards where we occasionally hear tragic stories of lives lost due to grain engulfment or from being overcome from toxic vapors. Flowing grain acts much like quicksand and can rapidly trap or bury a person. Even if a person is not buried or suffocated by the grain, the weight of the grain and its flowing nature make it almost impossible to escape without assistance.
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New apps to streamline farming
With new agricultural apps debuting on nearly a daily basis, it can be hard to keep up. Farming apps can be hard to find in the first place. (Google “farming apps,” and chances are you’ll have to wade through a bunch of Farmville apps before you find something real farmers would want to use.) Here are just a few apps AgWeb editors have recently discovered.
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