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MAXI-LIFT Pro Tips – Sometimes You Just Gotta Vent… Your Buckets November 18, 2020 Maxi-Lift

 Dean Wedekind and Bo Fisher are back! In our latest Pro Tips video, we discuss the importance of bucket venting. If you’re not venting your [...]

MAXI-LIFT Pro Tips – Elevator Troubleshooting Tips & Tools October 28, 2020 Maxi-Lift

 Bo Fisher and Dean Wedekind return to discuss a few elevator bucket troubleshooting tips and tools they think every grain elevator operator should [...]

MAXI-LIFT Pro Tips – How Much is Elevator Bucket Wear Costing You? October 14, 2020 Maxi-Lift

Elevator bucket wear will end up costing you tons of money if it is not taken care of promptly. Dean Wedekind and Bo Fisher discuss the importance of [...]

Maxi-Lift Pro Tips – How to Properly Secure Elevator Bolts September 4, 2020 Maxi-Lift

Improperly secured elevator bolts can be disastrous for your grain elevator. Knowing which bolts you need, the hardware you need to secure them, and [...]

Maxi-Lift Pro Tips – Lagging: What You Need to Know September 4, 2020 Maxi-Lift

What is lagging, and how does it affect my grain elevator? Does my elevator already have it? Does it need to stay there? Find out everything you need [...]

Maxi-Lift Pro Tips – PVC vs. Rubber Belting: Which is Best for You? September 4, 2020 Maxi-Lift

 Understanding the differences between PVC & rubber belting, and which one is best for you is a critical component of a smooth-running [...]