belt splices


  • Maxi-Splice Super-for belts from 800-1200 PIW
  • Maxi-Splice AB-for belts up to 800 PIW
  • Maxi-Splice CI-for belts up to 600 PIW

Maxi-Splice Super Bucket Elevator Splice



Belt Splices, Maxi-Splice Super, Maxi-Splice AB, Maxi-Splice CL, Titan Splice

MAXI-SPLICE SUPER: The Ultimate Elevator Belt Splice

Introducing the new MAXI-SPLICE SUPER. Designed for your demanding elevator belt applications, the MAXI-SPLICE SUPER has several enhancements that make it perfect for use with elevator belts rated at 800 – 1200 PIW. The unique design embraces our existing MAXI-SPLICE three piece construction, and clamps together using grade 5 bolts. The SUPER is constructed using a central vice-grip section bracketed by two exterior solid clamps. Utilizing clamping force and friction to secure the load. The addition of the NBR rubber wedge protects belts for long life.

Features / Benefits

  • High Grade Aluminum Construction for Less Hanging Weight
  • 800 to 1200 PIW Belts
  • NBR Rubber Wedge Protects the Backside of Belt
  • Larger Radius for Belt Protection
  • Wider Surface Area (3” width) to Grip Belting and Provide Superior Holding Strength
  • Non-Sparking / Corrosion Resistant
  • Two Bolt Construction for Stronger Grip
  • Off the Shelf for Quick Delivery
  • Easy to Install


  • High Capacity Elevators
  • Export Facilities
  • Processing Plants
  • River Terminals
  • Wide Bucket Elevators
  • Multiple Row Bucket Elevators

Photos From The Field

Technical Info

  • super-splice-technicalEach Splice accommodates 3” of belt width
  • Grade 5 Bolts – 3/4” Diameter
  • Rubberized wedge section is oil resistant, suitable for use up to 176° F / 80° C (Use aluminum wedge for higher temperatures)
  • Use Super template tape and Power Punch to install (Torque 150 ft. / lbs.)
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs.
  • Length: 6-3/4 in.
  • Width: 3 in.

*Patent Pending


  1. super-splice-installFirst, ensure that belt ends are square and even. If using the template tape, you must first divide the belt width by 3, and apply the tape to the left belt edge as follows:
    A. Use the line marked “LEFT BELT EDGE” (if evenly divided by 3)
    B. Use the line marked “LEFT BELT EDGE” (if divided by 3 with .333 remainder)
    C. Use the line marked “LEFT BELT EDGE “(if divided by 3 with .666 remainder)
    Make sure the template tape is applied squarely to the belt.
  2. Use the Super Punch, or other boring tool to cut holes in the belt at the marked positions. These holes must accommodate 3/4” diameter bolts.
  3. Pull the ends of the belt together, square up and clamp in place. Use the already punched holes as a guide to punch the other belt end.
  4. Prepare the center section of each splice by installing the rubber wedge, and any required shims per below.
    A. Up to 1/2” thick belting, mount the rubber wedge, without shims, directly to the aluminum center section.
    B. 1/2” thick to 5/8” thick, insert one shim between the rubber wedge and the center section.
    C. 5/8” thick to 3/4” thick, insert both shims between the rubber wedge and the center section.
  5. Secure the Wedge/shim assembly using the supplied allen key screws and allen wrench. If reusing the screws, you must apply a new coating of thread lock.
  6. Insert the center Super Splice wedge between the two belt ends, aligning with the drilled holes. The center wedge should be placed so the rubber wedge is toward the pulley side. Place one of the two outer plates on the belt top, and align with the holes drilled in the belt. The large radius end should be toward the pulley side of the belt. Apply one of the washers to the longer of the two bolts and insert the bolt through the hole at the pulley end, then place the shorter bolt with washer in the hole at the belt tail. The bolt head should be up towards the upward side of the elevator to protect the threads from wear during filling.
  7. Once the bolts are through the belting, apply the bottom plate and apply the flat washer and thread on the nylon insert nut. Tighten until lightly snug. You will want the splices relatively loose at this point so they may be squared with one another before final tightening. Due to the thickness and stiffness of thicker belting, it may be necessary to use clamps to pull the splice together to allow the nut to be applied.
  8. Repeat this process until all units are in place.
  9. While still loosely fastened, make sure all of the Super Splice units are square and properly lined up. Use the 1/2” impact wrench to snug all of the bolts to 50 foot pounds, beginning with the outside splice on each side. Now go to the center splice, tighten, and then alternate from left to right until all units are tightened. Tighten the longer bolt first in each unit, then tighten the second bolt. Both bolts should be tightened to a final torque of 150 foot pounds.
  10. Once the unit is fully tightened, release the clamps and allow the belt to pull into its natural position. Operate the elevator empty for 30 minutes and recheck the torque.
  11. Operate the elevator under load, and recheck again.

DISCLAIMER: Failure to properly select or install any belt splice can result in splice failure and cause equipment and property failure which may also result in bodily injury or death. Proper procedures for installation must be strictly followed. SEE FULL DISCLAIMER ON WWW.MAXILIFT.COM

Maxi-Splice AB and Maxi-Splice CI Bucket Elevator Splices


  • The Maxi-Splice is a mechanical clamping device with a simple three-piece construction
  • The design is for use on PVC and rubber belting
  • Use 4″ long bolts for belts up to 1/4″ thick
  • Use 4 1/2″ long bolts for belts between 1/4″ and 1/2″ thick
  • Use 5″ long bolts for belts between 1/2″ and 5/8″ thick
  • Maximum operating temperatures: AB: 500°F, CI: 600°F
  • Each splice set accommodates two inches of belt width
  • It is tested and approved by leading manufacturers of PVC and rubber belting

Maxi-Splice AB

  • Now supplied with a 9/16″ diameter bolt
  • Non-ferrous metal of very high tensile strength
  • Usable on belts of up to 800 PIW tensile
  • Non-sparking, non-corroding and non-rusting
  • Bronze color
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs. each

Maxi-Splice CI

  • Ferrous metal of moderately high tensile strength
  • Usable on belts of up to 600 PIW tensile
  • Silver color
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs. each


  1. maxisplice_installFirst ensure the belt ends are square and even. If using the splice template tape, apply the tape to mark the punching. Be sure to apply the tape squarely on the belt ends; then proceed to Step 4. If you are not using the tape, go to Step 2.
  2. Draw a line approximately 4-1/4″ from the belt end to use as the center line for hole punching. Proper installation for even width belts will begin just inside the belt edge. Odd belt widths require installation 1/2″ from the belt edge.
  3. Use the Maxi-Splice as a template to mark the hole locations for punching. After marking the first hole, move over 2″ and mark each consecutive hole.
  4. Punch both belt ends for the appropriate bolt size
  5. The two end plates and center plate are used for firm belt gripping. The end plates have two gripping areas – the slotted gripping area is mounted toward the face of the belt and is followed by a series of gripping teeth. These teeth are always mounted toward the tail of the belt. The center plate is symmetrical and cannot be improperly installed.
  6. IMPORTANT: We have supplied a Grade 5 bolt and nylon locking nut. The bolts must be torqued for Maxi-Splice to effectively clamp. The torque requirement is 75 foot pounds for belts up to and including 600 PIW – belts greater than 600 PIW tensile require 100 foot pounds of torque.
  7. Run the belt for thirty minutes; stop the leg and re-torque the bolts.
  8. When reinstalling the Maxi-Splice always use new Nylock nuts.

As with any belt splice, after installation, continued inspection of the total installation is required or failure can occur.

Buyer is required to understand the instructions on the box are an abbreviated version; so buyer must obtain and fully understand the entire contents of our 4 page splice instruction guide before any installation occurs. If 4 page instruction guide is not in box, please check our website or it is buyers responsibility to seek a copy from a company representative.

Belt Splices, Maxi-Splice Super, Maxi-Splice AB, Maxi-Splice CL, Titan Splice
Belt Splices, Maxi-Splice Super, Maxi-Splice AB, Maxi-Splice CL, Titan Splice
Belt Splices, Maxi-Splice Super, Maxi-Splice AB, Maxi-Splice CL, Titan Splice

WARNING: Do Not Use Maxi-Splice on Manlifts!

  • Maxi-Lift, Inc. and Dura-Buket, Co neither solicits nor recommends the use of the Maxi-Splice CI or AB belt clamp in splicing man lift belts. The Maxi-Splice was not designed for or tested for this purpose. Any installation of the Maxi-Splice in this application may cause serious harm or even death. Do not use on steel cable belts.
  • Do not re-use nylock nuts on Maxi-Splices. When reinstalling splices, please use new nylock nuts. Replacements are available from Maxi-Lift.
  • The AB and CI Maxi-Splice is not recommended for use on a standard wing pulley. It may cause premature wear of the backside of the belt around the splice. It may also create noise in the boot section of the bucket elevator as the metal splice may contact the wings of the pulley. The AB and CI Maxi-Splice may be used on a spiral wing pulley.

Maxi-splice is a mechanical splice device for use on most elevator belts (PVC and rubber). To accommodate various PIW belt tension ratings, Maxi-splice is available in two different metals. The Maxi-Splice “CI” is ferrous metal of moderately high tensile strength and can be used on belts up to 600 PIW. The Maxi-Splice “AB” is a non-ferrous metal of very high tensile and shear strength. The Maxi-Splice “AB” does not rust or corrode and is non-sparking. Maxi-Splice “CI” and Maxi-Splice “AB” are identical in appearance with the exception that the “AB” Maxi-Splice exhibits a bronze color. The CI and AB should never be intermixed, as reduction in clamping power may occur.

Each splice unit is made of three pieces. Two are identical outside plates; the third is a center plate with an elongated center hole. The outside plates and the center plate are “mating” parts with peaks and valleys opposite of each other for firm gripping.

The outside plates have two different gripping areas. The ribbed gripping area is mounted towards the face of the belt. The opposite end has a series of both longitudinal and axial “teeth.” The teeth are always mounted at the tail of the belt; they too have opposite peaks and valleys in the center plate for firm holding. The center plate is symmetrical and cannot be improperly installed around its elongated center hole.

The splice functions by using the tension supplied by the belting. This tension on the belt ends pulls the outer plates apart, and forces gripping pressure towards the teeth on the splice unit. The greater the belt tension, the more pressure is exerted on the gripping teeth at the forward end of the splice. The splice is held together by a ½” diameter, grade 5 bolt. The length of the bolt varies depending on belt thickness. If for any reason bolt replacement ever occurs, a grade 5 or better bolt must be used, with a nylon insert locking nut.

The clamping, holding force of the splice can only be facilitated after the grade 5 bolt is torqued during installation. Minimum torque of 75ft. lbs is required on the Maxi-Splice “CI.” A 100ft. lbs torque minimum is required on the Maxi-Splice “AB.” A torque wrench is required for proper installation. After installation is complete the belt must be run under load, for 30 minutes, then, each bolt must be re-torqued.

Each Maxi-Splice set will connect approximately 2″ of belt width. On a 36″ wide belt for example, 18 Maxi-Splice sets are required. See the Maxi-Splice installation sheet for proper use of the template tape or for placement and belt punching suggestions.

The Maxi-Splice has been tested and approved by leading manufacturers of both PVC and rubber elevator belts.

Belt Splices, Maxi-Splice Super, Maxi-Splice AB, Maxi-Splice CL, Titan Splice


Introducing the Maxi-Lift TITAN, the Ultimate Elevator Belt Splice. TITAN’s innovative design, maximum duty solid aluminum construction and superior quality materials make other splices obsolete for heavy elevator belts. The TITAN sets a new standard for splice performance and lifespan. The TITAN is constructed of a central aluminum vice-grip section which is bracketed by two exterior solid aluminum clamps. Utilizing clamping force, and friction to secure its load, the belt ends are bent through a 75 mm radius to a 90° angle. The central wedge is equipped with a rubber backing on the pulley side to prevent belt wear due to pressure and friction generated in operation.

Features / Benefits

  • Superior Performance
  • More Secure Splice
  • High Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Non-Sparking / Corrosion Resistant
  • Splice Sections Sized for Individual Belt Widths
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs. / 2 in.
  • Metric Weight of Splice: 2.80 kgs / 50 mm (incl. 3 bolts)
  • Width-Customized per application
  • Engineered to Out-Last & Out-Perform Other Belt Splices
  • Perfect for Heavy Belt in River & Export Facilities, 24 Hour Processing Plants, etc.

Technical Information

  • titan-tech-infoRubberized wedge section suitable for use up to 266°F / 130°C.
  • For temperatures exceeding 266°F / 130°C the rubber segment is replaced by an all aluminum wedge.

Photos From The Field

Template Tape For Bucket Elevator Belt

Template Tape – Free

  • Peel and stick directly on belt
  • Improves belt-punching convenience
  • Marks hole locations for odd or even width belts
  • Clearly marked in white and red lettering
  • Included with every splice order
Power Punch For Bucket Elevator Belt

Power Punch

  • Made with durable heat treated carbon-steel
  • Reinforced blade easily cuts 1/2″ or 9/16″ diameter holes
  • Impact adapter available when necessary
  • Use with a hand-held mallet, impact wrench, or drill
  • Always wear eye protection




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