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Coke Plant Puts Tigers to the Test

Rosebud Operating Services is a power production facility generating electrical power in Billings, Montana. When the company needed to add equipment to upgrade their service, Randy Blendu, the Facility Services Manager, knew one thing when it came to his buckets elevators: no steel buckets. “I wanted something to outlast steel buckets in our elevators.”

Lightweight Maxi-Tuff Nylon Elevator Buckets Hang In There

When Halliburton Services wanted to prevent its elevator buckets from pulling out their rivets, the company switched to lightweight Maxi-Tuff nylon buckets attached to the belt with bolts.

Cement Terminal Reduces Wear, Cuts Noise With Maxi-Tuff Elevator Buckets

The LaFarge distribution terminal in Carrollton, Mich., handles more than 120,000 tons of Portland cement annually. Most of it gets lifted with a bucket elevator that refills silos for bulk deliveries. Lightweight Maxi-Tuff buckets cut chain and sprocket wear because they weigh 80% less than the cast iron buckets previously used.

Concrete Mix Plant Boosts Output With Maxi-Tuff Elevator Buckets

The Lampy Ready Mix plant at Elbow Lake, Minn., produces more than 7,500 cubic yards of concrete annually. Rugged, lightweight Maxi-Tuff buckets solved belt and bucket breakage problems for Lampy’s sand and aggregate elevator.

‘Hot Shot’ Abrasives Plant Reduces Costs, Cuts Downtime With Maxi-Tuff Elevator Buckets

Maxi-Tuff Buckets withstand rigorous conditions at plant producing steel shot abrasives. Made of DuPont Zytel Super Tough nylon resin, Maxi-Tuff buckets are far outlasting cast-iron elevator buckets.

Fertilizer Plant Cuts Wear, Eliminates Down Legging with TIGER-TUFF Elevator Buckets

Sounds of downlegging potash and daimmonium phosphate, coupled with the clang of stainless steel digger buckets, made the plant’s fertilizer leg sound like a worn-out windmill in a West Texas sandstorm…but not anymore. Performing beyond their expectations, the Tiger-Tuff solved Countrymark Fertilizer’s rough application problem.

Tiger-Tuff Bucket Preys On Tough Jobs/Tiger-Tuff Buckets Elevate United Grain Corporation Into New Era Of PerformanceLightweight Maxi-Tuff Nylon Elevator Buckets Hang In There

United Grain Corporation’s Vancouver, WA, grain terminal processes 150 to 160 million bushels of wheat annually. The Tiger-Tuff bucket, engineered with thicker corners, lips and walls in all critical wear areas, get the tough job done.

Feed Plant Solves Wear and Breakage Problems With Maxi-Lift Urethane Elevator BucketsCoke Plant Puts Tigers to the Test

Prestage Farms is one of the top five swine producers in the United States and has four feed mills supplying livestock farms throughout the Southeast. After several years of constant operation, Maxi-Lift’s urethane buckets are still performing flawlessly.

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