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Maxi-Lift’s Story

For over 50 years, Maxi-Lift, Inc. has been developing new and innovative plastic solutions that offer alternatives to wood, wire, and metal. Our products (primarily elevator buckets) are centered around the conveyance and movement of agriculture and industrial products that become the building blocks for food, feed, building supplies / material, and infrastructure. Maxi-Lift has more variety in terms of sizes, shapes, and resin choices than any elevator bucket manufacturer in the world. A commitment to innovation and quality has made Maxi-Lift the preferred supplier for the largest food, grain, and industrial companies around the Globe. Products such as the TIGER-TUFF have revolutionized the industry and become the standard for the conveyance industry.

Maxi-Lift stocks a full line of hardware, splices, and belts to provide a complete package to our customer. We offer a complete solution to keep your bucket elevators running smoothly. In recent years Maxi-Lift has made significant investments in its’ belting inventory and abilities. Maxi-Lift can slit and punch belts up to 84” in width and ship these all over the world on short notice.

“All of the products have one thing in common; we make it easier for our customers to do business”, says Victor “Beaude” Sahm III, CEO of Maxi-Lift, Inc.

The products we manufacture are used in many areas of your everyday life. Our elevator buckets move the wheat that is used to make bread around the world, and the concrete to build the roads and highways we use for transportation. Whether it is loading a ship on the Amazon River with soybeans destined for Europe or conveying feed for chickens in Asia, there is a high probability that a Maxi-Lift bucket touched those items along the supply chain.

We have a sister company in Southwest Agri-Plastics that manufactures products for various industries. Products manufactured and sold by Southwest Agri-Plastics are used in agriculture, shipping, warehousing, horticulture (DURA-BENCH), and the energy sector. Within the agriculture industry alone we make products that service various segments such as livestock (DURA-TUB), swine (DURA-TUFF), poultry (DURA-SLAT), egg (DURAPLAS EGG TRANSPORT SYSTEM), and feed (AG-TUFF).

All of our products are manufactured in our ever-expanding 200,000 square foot headquarters facility in Dallas, Texas. We incorporate state of the art injection molding equipment, economies of scale, and a deep understanding of plastics to create value for our customers.

Our Culture

The Maxi-Lift Team sets out every day to make a positive difference in the lives of our employees, our customers and the people in our surrounding communities. We work hard to provide excellent plastic solutions that make a difference in the markets we serve by providing quality and value. We strive to never be complacent and work to continuously improve our product offerings, our processes and to elevate the skills and knowledge of our staff through training and support. It is these things that culminate in victories for our team, our communities and our customers.

Management Team

Maxi-Lift has a management team dedicated to serving our customers with quality products and fast delivery. From friendly customer service to technical support, our staff is here to serve you.

Paul Phillips

Jim Rowell
Chief Financial Officer

Matt Hanson
VP of Business Development

Bo Fisher
VP of Sales

Matt Porter
Director of Sales
(North America)

Andre Rigo
Director of Sales

Our Companies

Our sister corporation, Southwest Agri-Plastics, manufactures plastic swine and poultry flooring systems, plastic mini-pallets for moving bagged substances and plastic feed wheels and containers for livestock supplement feeding. Information on these products can be found at www.swapinc.com.


Our sister corporation, TuffStand by DuraPlas, manufactures ultra-durable plastic pipe stands for the oil and gas industry. Learn more about the revolutionary TuffStand at tuff-stand.com.

logo for tuffstand by duraplas

Giving Back

The Maxi-Lift family of companies is locally engaged with organizations supporting the needs of our communities. Volunteerism, monetary and durable goods donations and food drives are some of the ways our team members work to elevate others in the community around us.

Here are just some of the organizations we have supported through the years:

  • Nexus Recovery
  • City House
  • Jonathan’s Place
  • Unearthed Inc
  • Mary Crowley Cancer Research
  • Wesley Rankin Center
  • Assistance League of Dallas
  • Heartgift Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity Dallas
  • Catch Up and Read
  • ALS Association
  • North Dallas Food Bank
  • Brother Bill’s Helping Hand
  • SM Wright Foundation Christmas in the Park
  • Grace Bridge Food Bank
  • Salvation Army Angel Trees

Our Culture