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Peanut Bucket

  • Symmetrical Design
  • FDA Approved resins for Food Contact
  • Specified for Nut Handling Elevators
  • Open Design for Gentle Discharge
peanut bucket for bucket elevators by maxilift

DRILLING: Dura-Buket Peanut Buckets are drilled on the ends to accommodate double chain strands. Special drilling can be accommodated upon customer request.

VENTING: Available as needed. See venting options in our catalog. 

SPACING: Spacing is dependent on chain pitch, filling and discharge requirements. Closer or wider spacing may be used to achieve desired throughput capacities.

INSTALLATION: Typically installed with hex head bolts, washers and nuts. Maxi-Lift recommends the use of some type of locking device to secure the fastener.

FDA: Polyethylene materials are designed to FDA specifications for direct contact with food products.

Dura-Buket Peanut Bucket Size Chart

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Venting an elevator bucket aids in bucket fill and discharge with light, fluffy materials. Lightweight, fluffy materials, those that are extremely dense or flow poorly can be difficult to handle in bucket elevators at high speeds. Because these materials tend to trap air when being handled by an elevator bucket, venting provides air relief to assist in their filling and discharge. Commodities for venting include flours, meals, feed mash, DDG’s  or screenings. As these materials enter the bucket, air is released through a series of vent holes in the bottom of the bucket allowing for a more complete fill. These vent holes also allow air to re-enter the bucket, which facilitates full release of product into the discharge. Standard hole diameter is equal to the size of the bolt mounting holes in vent pattern #1, all other vent patterns will have 11/32” diameter holes unless otherwise requested by the customer.


  • Drilling any diameter hole over 13/32″
  • Bolt Hole centers closer than 1-3/4″
  • Side drilled buckets except standard peanut buckets
  • Special Venting requirements such as extra holes, change in hole diameter, etc.
  • Quoted prices subject to change due to special drilling and venting requirements

#1 Vent

Same holes in body as bolt mounting holes.

#2 Vent

One row of holes on 1-1/8″centers

#3 Vent

Two rows of holes on 1-1/8″centers.

#4 Vent

Same as #3, plus three holes in each end cap.

Custom Vent

Vented as required.

Please call for guidance on bucket venting.

Peanut Bucket Agricultural Buckets

Buckets, Belting, Splices & Bolts all in one!

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