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Grade 2 and EPDM Industrial Belting

  • Available in SBR GRII Rubber 2-220 up to 4 ply 800 and EPDM Rubber 3 ply 600 and 4 ply 800
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Bundle with buckets and hardware for one convenient order
rubber and pvc belting for bucket elevators by maxilift

Grade 2 & EPDM Belting – Elevator and Conveyor

Abrasion Resistant Belting – Industrial ApplicationsSBR – Grade 2 Compounds – General purpose plied rubber belting ideal for handling harsher industrial applications like aggregates, cement, fly ash, minerals, salt and raw sugar.

High Temp EPDM – 400HT & 700HT – Premium high temperature belting ideal for handling silica sand, aggregates, fly ash, cement and other bulk materials in drying facilities.

Heat-resistant cover resists cracking and hardening – EDPM belting covers perform over the long run while retaining its flexibility despite punishing conditions and loads. Less cracking and hardening translates into longer life and reduced replacement costs.

High-temperature resistance to tearing, abrasion and stretching – Load after load, pure EPDM covers combined with premium HT treated fabric stands up to prolonged exposure. This reduced maintenance and downtime helps lower overall operating costs.

Heat-resistant cover resists cracking and hardening.

High temperature resistance to tearing, abrasion and stretching.

Rubber Belting

StyleRated Working Tension, lbs / in.Rated Working Tension, N/ mmNominal Overall Gauge, in.Nominal Overall Gauge, mmNominal Weight, lbs. sq/ftNominal Weight, #PIWNominal Weight, kg/ sq.mMinimum Pulley, in.Minimum Pulley, mmMaximum Bucket Proj., in.*Maximum Bucket Proj., mm*Temp. Range F*Temp. Range C*
SBR 220220400.3759.502.20.18510.6123056153-30° to 200°-34° to 93°
SBR 330330600.437511.12.580.21512.59143568203-30° to 200°-34° to 93°
SBR 440440800.5012.73.30.27516.101845710254-30° to 200°-34° to 93°
SBR 6006001050.5313.43.360.28016.401845710254-30° to 200°-34° to 93°
SBR 8008001400.6817.54.140.34520.202461011279-30° to 200°-34° to 93°
EPDM 6006001050.5313.43.360.28016.401845710254-30° to 300°-34° to 150°
EPDM 8008001400.58514.83.360.29516.402445711279-30° to 300°-34° to 150°

Rubber & PVC Industrial Industrial

Buckets, Belting, Splices & Bolts all in one!

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