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  • Mill duty, thick walls with reinforced back and corners
  • Extremely high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Applications up to 600 degrees
  • Non-corrosive, non-sparking
  • Designed to handle sand, glass cullet, stone, shot blast, rock, concrete and other abrasive products.

The DI-MAX AC style ductile iron elevator buckets are engineered to exceed the performance requirements of any industrial application. These buckets are designed with thicker walls and a reinforced front lip to increase bucket life in tough industrial environments. Ductile iron is far superior to malleable iron in both impact and abrasion resistance. Replacing malleable iron with DI-MAX ductile iron elevator buckets will result in longer bucket life and more efficient operation.

Other Considerations

DRILLING: Elevator buckets are manufactured without a drill pattern. Special drilling or punching can be accommodated upon customer request.

VENTING: AC Style Ductile Iron Buckets are cast with vent holes included. More vent holes may be added at additional cost.

DIGGER BUCKETS: Use slightly larger metal digger elevator buckets to help loosen material in the elevator boot section that has set up or hardened, thereby reducing abrasion on the plastic buckets. Call for details on Metal Digger elevator bucket options.

SPACING: PROJECTION x 2 = STANDARD VERTICAL SPACING (depending on material and speeds, smaller and large spacing may be used).

INSTALLATION: Use a #1 standard elevator bolt or Sabre-Tooth elevator bolt for installation. Designed to be used with fender or flat and lock washers and hex or locking nuts. If buckets are being installed on chain, use hex head bolts, nuts and washers.

FDA: Both the urethane and polyethylene are designed to FDA specifications for direct contact with food products. Special food grade nylon is also available for high heat applications.

DI-MAX AC Size Chart

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Recommended Uses

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AC Style Ductile Iron Buckets are cast standard with 4 vent holes with 2-5/8″ centers and 1/4″ bolt holes. More vent holes may be added at additional cost.

DI-Max AC Industrial Buckets

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