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Announcing the TITAN Ultimate Belt Splice

DALLAS,TX, September 26, 2011: Maxi-Lift, Inc.®, the leading manufacturer of elevator buckets in North America, introduces a monumental advantage in belt performance- the TITAN Ultimate Belt Splice. The TITAN’s innovative design, solid-duty aluminum construction and superior quality mark a new standard for splice performance and elevator belt life span.

Engineered for large export river terminals or 24-hour processing plants, the TITAN is designed for thick elevator belts. The TITAN is superior to standard belt splices in performance and longevity. It decreases elevator down-time and maintenance. After installation, operators are assured with a secure belt splice that exceeds expectations.

The TITAN is constructed with a central aluminum vice-grip section that is bracketed by two exterior aluminum clamps. Belt ends bend through a 75 mm radius to a 90° angle, employing clamp force and friction to secure the load. The central wedge is equipped with rubber backing on the pulley side to prevent wear due to pressure or friction generated during operation.

“Customers who have been searching for a secure, durable, heavy splice will love the TITAN Ultimate Belt Splice,” affirms Paul Phillips, Maxi-Lift® Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The TITAN provides operators with an extremely robust splice for their largest bucket elevators. The demand for higher capacity elevators has increased. In accordance, there is a need for stronger elevator belt splices. Through this innovation, we deliver exceptional value for tough applications. There is no other splice like the TITAN.”

With over 38-years of experience, Maxi-Lift® brand means unmatched service, customized solutions, engineered quality and fast delivery. Maxi-Lift® distributes elevator bucket and accessory solutions around the globe. With more than 300,000 square feet of production, manufacturing and warehouse space,
Maxi-Lift® is the largest Elevator Bucket Manufacturer in North America.