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Maxi-Lift Launches New TIGER-CC Elevator Bucket

Dallas, Texas, February 25th, 2010: Maxi-Lift, Inc, the leading manufacturer of elevator buckets in North America, is launching the new Tiger-CC Elevator Bucket to the agricultural market. The Tiger-CC elevator bucket combines the style of the CC elevator bucket with the ruggedness, and toughness of the Tiger-Tuff elevator bucket.

With thicker corners, and heavier front lip, the new Tiger-CC is a perfect fit for customers who prefer the CC style, but are not happy with the life of their existing elevator bucket. The Tiger-CC encompasses the classic high sides, the breaks in the bottom of the bucket, and the straight sides. The Tiger-CC is made in three different materials including high density virgin polyethylene, Super Toughened Nylon, and Urethane.

Paul Phillips, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said “customers will love the new Tiger-CC elevator bucket. Superintendents, Maintenance Managers, and Facility Managers, all expect longer life for their elevator buckets. The Tiger-CC gives them longer life, less breakage, and more capacity. Customers will be amazed at the strength, toughness, and sheer durability of the Tiger-CC. Unlike other imitations, the Tiger-CC is the real deal. It is not a modified hybrid to try to make our existing buckets a little thicker.”

In 1996, Maxi-Lift introduced the Tiger-Tuff’s to the marketplace. With over 2,000,000 sold world-wide, the largest grain, feed, processing, fertilizer, and ethanol companies specify Tigers. With more elevator bucket styles, sizes and materials in stock, Maxi-Lift is the largest Elevator Bucket Manufacturer in North America.