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Pro Tips – Belt Speeds Pt. 1 – Does More Speed = More Capacity

Choosing the right belt speed for your bucket elevator is a balancing act between bucket shape, pulley diameter and material conveyed.

Bo Fisher and Dean Wedekind with Maxi-Lift are back in our latest Pro Tips video all about the world of bucket elevators and material conveyance. In today’s video, they discuss how the material you need to move can make a big difference in the recommended speed you should run your elevator. They also cover:

  • The difference between free flowing and non-free flowing materials
  • The benefits of variable speed drives on bucket elevators
  • The benefits and applications of “soft starting” a bucket elevator

Have a question about belt splicing or anything else about operating a bucket elevator? Our Bucket Experts​ are here for you. Reach out to us with your questions, and we’ll get you an answer as soon as possible – contact us.​