Maxi-Lift Pro Tips – Lagging: What You Need to Know

What is lagging, and how does it affect my grain elevator? Does my elevator already have it? Does it need to stay there?

Find out everything you need to know from Dean Wedekind, Maxi-Lift Bucket Specialist! In this episode of Maxi-Lift PRO TIPS, Dean explains the importance of having slide lag or easy lag for increasing the longevity of the belts. He also discusses how to inspect your lagging for wear and tear and when to determine it’s time to replace.

This is your quick, easy and informative guide to the CRITICAL features that you need to look for in every form of lagging. 

Have more questions on slide lagging or anything elevator buckets?  Contact us today! Who knows, your question might just get featured on a future episode. Thank you for watching. 

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