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Maxi-Lift Pro Tips – PVC vs. Rubber Belting: Which is Best for You?

Understanding the differences between PVC & rubber belting, and which one is best for you is a critical component of a smooth-running operation. Things such as climate/temperature and head-pulley size all affect what kind of belting you should use.

Luckily, Dean Wedekind, Maxi-Lift Bucket Specialist, has all the answers for you! In our latest episode of Maxi-Lift PRO TIPS, Dean goes into detail on the structure of each belt type, what makes them different, and which bolts you need for the belt to function properly. Dean also covers the critical features your need to look for when selecting and your belting.

If you have more questions about belting, or anything about agricultural and industrial bucket elevators, contact us today! We’ll help you out right away, and your question may even feature in a future PRO TIPS episode!